May 17-20, 2022

Fractured media: numerical methods for fluid flow and mechanics

Computational methods for the simulation of complex physical processes in fractured media play a fundamental role in many applications including aquifer monitoring and protection, oil&gas enhanced recovery, and geological storage of pollutants. All these applications involve a number of coupled physical processes, occur in large scale complex geometries, are characterized by large uncertainty, and quite often require a reliable risk evaluation and prevention. The conference aims at presenting and discussing a number of issues recently raised about modeling and development of suitable numerical methods regarding:

  • Flow in fracture networks;
  • Influence of roughness inside the fractures;
  • Flow in fractured porous media;
  • Up-scaling and homogenization;
  • Coupled thermal, hydraulic and/or mechanical processes in fractured media;
  • Fault reactivation and fracture deformation;
  • Fracture propagation;
  • Self-organization of fracture networks;
  • Non-linearities (such as geochemistry, dissolution inside the fractures etc…);
  • Verification benchmarks;
  • Uncertainty quantification/risk measurements;
  • Artificial intelligence applied to fractured media, Graph-based methods, model reduction.

Registration and abstract submission are availble on the conference web site.

Published on: 19/07/2022