INdAM is a non-profit research institution whose principal purpose is to promote both research in Mathematics and its applications, and the diffusion of higher mathematical education in Italy.

In particular, the mission statement of INdAM is:

  • To promote the training of researchers in Mathematics at national, international and European community level, and to supplement the training potential of the Italian universities.
  • To develop research in pure and applied Mathematics, especially in the emerging branches, and to foster the transfer of knowledge to technological applications.
  • To further close and sustain contact between Italian and international Mathematical research, in particular by participating in programs within the framework of the European Union.

INdAM has no permanent research staff. Most of the research activities of INdAM are carried out by four National Research Groups, drawing researchers (both early stage and advanced fellows) from Universities, public and private Research Centres and the INdAM advanced fellows.

The National Research Groups are committed:

  • To invite foreign scientists to develop research and to consulting and high-level training;
  • To organise and participate in meetings prepared by their members;
  • To provide financial support for travel abroad to made research or meetings of doctorate and research fellows;
  • To develop research projects.